A dad movie is the kind of movie that fathers watch and advise you to watch.

This kind of movies usually contain middle aged dudes beating other dudes and winning the love of their lives
Ex: hey son! have you ever seen Braveheart? it's one of my favorite movies
other examples for "dad movie"

-die hard
-the Godfather
-the untouchables
by yo:) November 4, 2021
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A Sad Dad Movie is a film wherein the relationship between father and child is threatened or broken, usually with the child being ungrateful or embarrassed by the father, and the father just trying to be a good dad.

Often found in films featuring single fathers, or the father in a divorced family who attempt to connect/reconnect with his child.
Liam: Do you want to watch A Goofy Movie again?

Zak: No, that's such a Sad Dad Movie and it really bums me out.
by Ayyjaybay June 21, 2017
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