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A subgenre of Hip Hop that uses TTS vocals.

Invented by Wheelchair Sam and Autistic Anne.
i like to go to parties bitch nigga i went to a party and ate 32 bags of mushrooms and got kidnapped by the illuminati and they stole all my money nigga. i was really sad the only thing cheering me up was my 200000 foot long penis. one day i went to a party and i saw the illuminati again. i capped my gun. shot those niggas and took my money back. then i went to another party and got drunk and had sex with the hottest girl there. my pimp ass wheelchair attracted all the girls. all the men there wanted to be me cause i am so hot and sexy. they wish they were in a wheelchair like me. i got such a good party wheelchair suck my cock bitch my legs may be paralyzed but i can have sex with all the girls in the world.

Cyber Rap.
by WheelchairSam April 22, 2013
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