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a very strong, overactive radar, which detects cuteness. People who have the strongest cutedars tend to be females aged 11 to 25. Someone with cutedar has the ability to detect even the tiniest hint of cuteness a mile away. They see the cute side of EVERYTHING, even the most horrible things. Because of this, cutedar can be awesome. But it can also get a little full on if you're not careful.

If you would like to improve your cutedar, I would suggest watching excessive amounts of any kind of anime. Trust me, it works!
A: omg that puppy is SOOOO CUTE!
B: yeah! it is!
A: omg look at that chicken! it's SOOOO CUTE!
B: Yeah... I guess it is!
A: omg! And that dung beetle! SO KAWAII DESUUUU!!!
B: omg, you've GOT to stop watching Ouran High School Host Club! Your cutedar has gone into OVERDRIVE!!!
by TheGlompingSamurai January 27, 2011
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