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One of the 13 common personality types in internet forums as defined by Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka of Something Awful. The 13 common personality types are:

1. Clueless Newbie
2. Flamethrower Clone
3. Computer Expert
4. The Mensa Troll
5. Mr Agressive
6. Cute Girl v2.0
7. Ravey Davey
8. The Sensitive Artist
9. Mr. "I Know a Game Developer"
10. The Elite, Highly Advanced Forum Regular With 15 Million Posts
11. Doctor Conspiracy / Man With a Grudge
12. Anime-Obssessed Freak
13. Derek Smart

Cute Girl v2.0 types are generally girls fourteen years of age or younger who are too naive to realize how ridiculous they sound. They often use deliberately mispelled words like ur and wut and they have a habit of using lol at least 2 times a sentence. They also at least one anime smiley per sentence. Favorite subjects include cute fuzzy things and their boyfriends.
Cute Gurl v2.0: "do the cars come in red??? thats my boyfriends color and weve been going out for 2 months now hes so cute his names Jeremy and he likes Slipknot!!! thx bye!!! :o)"
by Deus Ex Machina April 28, 2004
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