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A Curve Off is when two ladies have a battle over who is curvier. These battles typically involve lots of sass, and dissing the other persons curves. The battle begins when someone shouts CURVE OFF, and end once someone has been dissed to the point of no return. Curve offs typically occur when "curvy perks" are in place, like curviest rolling shotgun, and curviest getting first pick.
Bystander: Yo gurl, curviest rolls shotgun!

Girl 1: well I guess that means that I'm rolling shotgun, seeing dat yo chest flat!

Girl 2: it's a CURVE OFF honey! We both know them curves of yours fake!

Girl 1: you did not just go there! They just made my boobs perky! There ain't no more boob then there evah was. Besides, when compared to you, I am the curvy queen!

Bystander: snap! I guess you Rollin shotgun now! (girl 1)
by Turtlewaxer222 October 14, 2013
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