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The boy that yu think yu no everything about and then later in life when your still with him if yu still are he fucking stabs yu in the back and he starts doing the same thing to another gurl that he did to yu and this gurl is lyk your bestfriend and yu want to tell him about this big asshole and what he does but yu dont want to make her mad or shit lyk that, but yu thought yu loved him yu really thought yu did but hen yu still do and i think curtis fischer can put a spell on yu.
All i can say is he is one of those people that yu kno and then yu dont and he also is one who twisted or words and he is a wonderful boyfriend but after this your probably not going to be able to trust him in a real relationship, but your wishing yu could trust this boy.
curtis fischer, boys, boy, thoughts, people, him, girl, bestfriend, asshole, fucking, stabs, like, mad, shit, loved, still, curtis, fischer, spell, twisted, wonderful, boyfriend, trust, relationship, wishing.
by callieforrest July 14, 2009
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