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A cupcake daddy is someone who will do any nasty thing to you. He can bring the nuaghty monster out of a good girl. He will do aanything from fingering you to anul. He is the hottest guy in town and the girls surround him. He makes girls scream in the bed. He doesn't stop till their shaking. He spanks you till over satisfied. They love licking your pussy and eating you out!! If you like it nasty call a Cupcake Daddy
most attractive Cupcake Daddy names
James, Brandon, Andrew, Austin, Sebastion, Charlie, and Latron

Im so sore from my cupcake daddy! You should get one!

My cupcake daddy made me scream! I love it nasty though.

(girl 1)You remember my cupcake daddy right? (girl 3) Oh yea Andrew?

(girl 1) I saw him last night he made me wet so much!!!
by babygirl_17πŸ’¦ July 01, 2015
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