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When a guy stays arm-in-arm with his girl all night long at the club (or any public place), trying to keep other guys from talking to her. For instance, he might walk her to the bathroom, then stay outside the bathroom waiting for her, then walk her back to the dance floor.
In R. Kelly and Bow Wow's song "I'mma Flirt," there's a verse that goes "cuff your chick." Basically he's warning guys to "cuff their chicks" cause he's a flirt! >;-P
by ~Shan~ June 11, 2007
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Regulating your chick when she's acting all buck wild.

Showing who's boss; showing who wears the pants in the relationship.
::Girlfriend bickering to you about nonsense in front of your friends::

friend #1: cuff your chick, she's getting annoying.
friend #2: yeah man, you are the one wearing the pants in the relationship right?, well then regulate.
by Castlevania August 30, 2010
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