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Similar to cube cruising, this term reflects an individual that spends most mornings (particularly Mondays) or lazy afternoons wandering from cube to cube to pause and talk about the past weekends activities, but also what's on tap for the next weekend, that night, what's for lunch, or any subject matter whatsoever. Upon moving from cube to cube, the same story can be heard being told repeatedly throughout the day. This person often "grazes" in an effort to avoid work at all possible costs.
These are examples that lead to cube grazing:

Mark was asking Lisa what she's having for lunch today?

John came into the office all smiles and asked everyone, "Did you guys see the game yesterday?"

Suzie was looking forward to spending time with her husband on their anniversary weekend and getting away. She proceeded to let everyone know that they were going on vacation by turning her "Out of Office message" on Thursday.
by smacktard21 October 04, 2010
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