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Killing a player in a flight-sim whose computer has frozen temporarily due to lag or other issues. Since they and their aircraft are frozen in the environment like a preserved lab specimen, they are easy to gun down.

This phenomenon commonly occurs when the host is downloading files and his host connection becomes slowed. This causes people with crappy client connections to lag or freeze in the middle of flight.

When this occurs, the victims are jokingly known as freezer fighters or icebox interceptors due to the constant presence of semi-organized combat on the server. Users not heavily affected by the slow connection usually kill (more like sacrifice) the victims to free up RAM for other users' connections
Player 1: *gun kill* One down.

Player 2: Nice shooting!

Player 3: You're mine! *computer freezes*

Player 1: Freezer fighter just ahead.......looks like we have a cryo kill coming up....he's all yours buddy.

Player 2: thx man.
by FSSUX October 22, 2010
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