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When you find yourself spending the majority of your time in the place where you most often spend time with the person you like, it may also be the place where you last spent time with them, or the place where they typically spend most of their own time (with or without you).
Actually an animal-esque instinct, where an individual will come to expect their infatuation to show up there, often at a particular time, and so will hang around there without really thinking much of it.

For people, when that person shows up, a variety of things may occur that may not exceed anything beyond flirting.

In animals, crush nests are places for sharing food (mostly if they're carniverous), mating rituals, or mating itself. Animals who become mates often make their homes near their crush nest.
1. A wife waiting for her husband in the living room on his favourite chair, knowing that he will eventually come to sit on it.

2. A male fox in heat recalling a place where he'd earlier seen a vixen. He will head to that place, calling out for the vixen, and that place of "meeting" will be their crush nesting area and future home.
by Freez-E June 30, 2009
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