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the sequel to the game 'croc' made by ubisoft. Basically this is the extended journey of croc,EXCEPT WITH A SHITTER VIEW!! please read croc before reading this. In this fabulous installment of croc, croc is forced to do the exact same thing AGAIN, yes i know kids, how EXCITING!!!. this game starts with a half hour long, crappy made animation of croc playing some sort of game with a beachball with his tiny poofy gobbo freinds. During this game, a gobbo tries to headbutt the ball and i think he killed himself, (this is probably the best bit in the whole game). Then for some unexplained reason, croc is launched to an island which is clearly over 100KMs away by way of see-saw. Then on the island, he is confronted with more gobbos who enjoy ginger soda...(it is here you find the magic eye zoomers,how fucking exciting eh..) Then for some reason he starts running around and going in random doors and listening to the 2 hour speeches given by the gobbos which kind of makes you want to not rescue them. It is usually after the first level which is absolutely impossible to pass on your first attempt because you need jelly, that you meet the absolutely fabulous swap meet pete, he is famous for saying walla walla waa and also for selling green jelly, orange jelly and red jelly Although buying these items takes about half an hour because he gives you a full rundown of the items which you have to READ because he only speaks in WALLA WALLA WAAAAAAAA, after this you basically run around and get told to f off by the king because you are scaring the fish.
man, this DOTA is so shit, its like croc

nah man, dota is gold compared to croc, and croc is gold compared to croc 2.

by pikel May 11, 2007
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