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a day program offered by Support Solutions that is supposed to help people with developmental disabilities, but forces them into one program when they want to do another program
1)Creative Trails doesn't understand that I want more cultivate days. I want to go to Pineland Farms so the Portland people won't miss me too much, but I always get stuck there doing Create when Thursdays roll around. I like getting to go out and doing things, but they think I can't handle being around strangers and make me stay there most of the time. And what is up with that stupid drum circle they have every two weeks? What a waste of time and a stupid idea whoever suggested that it should exist.

2) The Creative Trails staff tell Donna that she should get more exercise, and she wants more Trails days to do just that, but they always get her stuck inside. What's up with that?
by Karen Stickney December 10, 2006
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