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A male caucasian who toes the line between life , death and good taste.
" Yo! That crazy whiteboy came into our hood like he was bullet proof or somethin!"
by Southside Tim May 13, 2007
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One of Caucasian decent that has a propensity for doing daredevil stunts and toeing the line of mortality . Has a never ending desire for adventure and a high threshold for pain. Inbibes brewed rereshments on ocassion and listens to Heavy music to engage the beast within.
That crazywhiteboy ran into traffic just to catch up with them!
by Tim Kucharski April 15, 2007
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the new south movement lead by underground rap kingpin Haystak , a nationwide movement of have nots ! also known as the C.W.B.'s
Them crazy white boys will be Slim Shady's demise!
by Boyimwhiteandcrazy May 03, 2009
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Crazy White Boy is a white kid who comes from southern California, who dose not have a crazy muscle build but someone who is fast strong and dose not try and act like any other race. Such as: African American, Mexican, or any other race.
"Hey man you know him?"
"Na, I hear he is a crazy white boy tho"
"What the hell is that?"
"Don't you read the Urban Dictionary?"
by Real MAin man December 21, 2008
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