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Crazy mang mode is when you have a big event coming up that you have to prepare for, everything else in your life is forgotten except for that event. All your energy is put towards completing the event perfectly. You don't drink water, just Redbull. If it is a test you take a study sheet to the washroom when you take a shit, every second of every day. Maximum sleep allowed is 4 hours. You turn into a study creature that acts erratically, takes at least 2 weeks to recover from Crazy Mang Mode.
Jack: YOOOO KAMRON we have to go crazy mang mode for this fuckin Ops exam. The prof's know shit and are going to make it hard as fuck.

Kamron: Brooo, fuck that... last time I did that I couldn't fall asleep till 4a.m.

Jack: BRO I got a fucking FIFTY on the first midterm, I need 100!!!!!

*Jack & Kamron enter crazy mang mode*
by krazymang November 07, 2011
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