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1. an expression used when something doesn't go your way
2. can be used in place of "oh crap!"
3. an expression of amazement or utter astonishment
(All examples must be read with a strong Northern American/Canadian accent)
1. Friend: "Hey man, your package didn't come in the mail today." Me: "Well crap on a crabtree!"
2. "Oh crap on a crabtree I forgot to pay the gas bill!"
3. Friend: "Hey man I finally finished that project I was working on." Me: "Well crap on a crappy ole crabtree in crappy ole Minnesota! I can't believe it!"

(For this last one you can use the name of any northern US state/Canadian province known for having a strong accent in place of "Minnesota" such as, but not limited to: Michigan, Wisconsin, Ontario etc...)
by Rudypoohzen June 27, 2013
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