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crap history, probably better know to most people as ancient history, is considered to be the most cruel and inhumane form of sadistic psychological torture known to human kind. It was submitted to the Department of Education accidentally and was somehow overlooked and made it's way onto the syllabus.

It is said that ancient history is soo bad that Satan himself rejected it as being used as a form of torture in hell.

Students who choose to take ancient history are immediately blacklisted for the rest of their lives. They are usually semi-illiterate and write on papyrus scrolls instead of pieces of A4 paper. The students also use quills and ink wells and use homing pigeons to send their messages.

People who do ancient history all turn gay, except the girls...who's vagina's invert into penises thus making them men..then they turn gay. ancient history also causes students who do it immense internal trauma that the body becomes overwhelmed and develops another chromosome causing ancient history students to become down syndrome along with gay. The only cure for symptoms of ancient history's plague is to revert back to the elixir, also known as Modern History.

By doing ancient history you automatically fail the hsc........and life in general.
Ralph :What subjects are you doing?

Sam: Umm, i picked 12 units of Modern History

Ralph :Me too, what subjects did you pick Miles?

Miles: I chose English, Art, Multimedia, Bio, Maths and ancient history

Ralph: ANCIENT HISTORY!!!! may aswell kill yourself now! Thats the crap history, your not even repping modern you stupid mokes! Go change to modern right now!

Sam: It's already too late, he's already turning gay

Ralph: And down syndrome
by esh diggens October 03, 2008
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