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A person (regardless of gender) that is always broke, always complains about their privileged life, and feels the need to discuss their entire life story to anyone that will listen by sucking you into the abyss of their lies and pathetic excuses that they makes for their screwed up actions.
The “syrup traps” in a waffle symbolizes their technique of constant hounding until all attention is focused on them. Escaping is almost impossible, hence the “sticky situation”.
This person often shares very personal details that are not to be discussed publicly, without any regard for social situations.
The “cottage” is commonly known to be a place of isolation, where this person has not either learned or picked up on acceptable conversations and social cues.
A: “Mariah was being a total cottage waffle at work yesterday.”

B: “What did she do this time?”

A: “She was talking about her vaginal discharge in front of customers!”
by NezBarnes December 20, 2017
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