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A situational phrase. When things always seem to turn out for the worse, the costales effect has occured. No matter what you attempt to do to control the situation, the events of life will go against you. The odds of you beating this effect are slim to none. In summary, it occurs when you have a bad day everyday.
*situation: you take on a full course load of 20 units and end up dropping half of the classes because you cannot handle it.

student: "I can't take all these classes. I am a failure"
response: "Man, that's the costales effect in full effect!"

*situation: you buy a whole carton of eggs and as you unload your vehicle, the eggs fall to the floor...all 24 of them.

response: "Costales effect!!!"

*situation: you enter your apartment and soon enough you realize that it has been completely robbed...they even took the magnets off your fridge...

response: "Damn, that costales effect got me!"
by King Santiago May 13, 2008
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