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A Jock school that excels in all its athletics and 90% of the students are phys ed majors. It's located in the middle of nowhere, which has in turn transformed it into a huge party school. A good time with good people. Also known for kicking Ithaca College's ass in the annual Cortaca Jug! IC shit
1. "Who's in the D3 National Championship?"
"Cortland State"
"For what sport?"
"All of them!"

2. Ithaca Ithaca YOU SUCK! (37-30)CORTLAND STATE

3. "what are you doing tonight?"
"running through some parties then heading dt (Main st)"
"but it's only monday"
"It's Cortland State!"

4."What's you major?"
"Phys Ed, this is Cortland State"
by c-stater May 27, 2006
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