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When a record company produces a rap song with a catchy beat aimed at rich white kids and puts a celebrity figurehead (like 50 Cent) that has no talent to sing it. The company is doing this for money and there is no real rap, which like most real music is written from emotion and experience. This is an insult to music and is not helping the damn corporate takeover of everything. Fuck big business and long live real music like Bob Dylan, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Marley
Corporate Rap

me: WTF are you listening to
fag: "Low" by flo rida
me: Give me the damn music (breaks ipod, cd, or any fucking thing they are using)
fag: that is good music
me: (kick his ass) stop sucking on the corporate dick
by lamanya March 22, 2008
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