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An extremely large piece of corn laden shit that chokes the toilet bowl and requires a professional plumber to clear; typical measurements = 6"- 8" circumference (tapered at both ends) x 14" - 22.5" length. Producer of said ass log must posess sufficient sphincter control that will enable this rarest of shits to remain intact (no breakage). Offshoot versions can include the steaming corn eyed bowl choker, rusty corn eyed bowl choker and the corn/ lima bean skin eyed bowl choker.
Janes rapidly evolving - young adult - metabolism enhanced her rate of digestion beyond that of normal girls in their early twenties....this, coupled with her incessant anal stimulation widened her poop chute to twice the normal asshole size. Her recent visit to a friends house found her in a quandry of sorts after she placed a generous sized corn eyed bowl choker in the guest bathroom...a hasty exit, me thinks she makes
by Theo Fuxtable April 20, 2011
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