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A simple guy on the intertubes who has gone from that one guy who posts on message boards to owner and founder of

Corgon67 is his Gamertag and CORGONthegreat is his PSN ID.

In his free time, corgon usually drinks Pepsi and plays video games. But he is not all that nerdy, he enjoys making videos, podcasts, and like to make people laugh by writing informing yet funny posts on his website.

One might think that he is a monkey, or just a guy that looks like a monkey, thats just because he has hairy legs.

His real name is Joshua (im not going to say the last name). He is very handsome and does not have a the moment.

Thats basically it, check out his website at or find him on twitter @corgon67
Corgon67 is 13g1t
by corgon67 March 18, 2010
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