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Corbin Sisco is one of the most amazing people in the whole wide world. He is so strong and way super tall that any girl can wish for ,unless you are way short. Also he has super long arms and gives you the best hugs. He will give you loving all night long. If he is not with you then he will do anything he can to be with you and he is always making time for the one he loves. Corbin Sisco also has a very sensitive heart so don't go breakin it if he chooses you. Also he has the most amazing dark brown eyes and sometimes they even sparkle. Also don't mess with this kids family because they will go nuts. And he is super skinny anyone can wrap their arms around him. And Corbin Sisco gives the very best kisses most times on the lips. He will not only tell you everything you want to hear but he will mean it. He can also break down the walls of your heart and just say that you are the most beautiful thing in the whole world and if you get a chance with a Corbin Sisco you are extremely lucky to have him so you better enjoy him because he will not even know there are other girls around him because you are always his dog as. You are always on his mind and you never leave because he will do anything to get your love out of you. And Corbin Sisco has one of the most longest penis' s in the world. I haven't seen it in person but it is huge. I have more to say but I'll sum it up in one word perfect !!!!!!!!!
by Gonzalez Yasmine February 04, 2017
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