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A person who constantly "chimes in" during a time when he or she has no business being in the conversation. This typically occurs when a person feels that they are being left out of the topic in discussion. In fear that the conversation will lead to other topics that they know absolutely nothing about, this person will say something everybody already knows to try and make oneself seem relevant to the conversation.
Kyle: "Yo man, I'm gettin' sick of these bitch-ass penalties being called every sunday."

Jason: "No kidding. On the reals, Goodell should be fir-"

Tim (Not only is he pulling an inappropriate chime, but hes cutting off the other person): "They are ruining the game!"

Jason: "No shit you dumbass. Why do you think we are talking about this in the first place? So put those two cents back in your pocket and shut the fuck up!"

Kyle: "Yeah man, you don't even watch football..Goddamn constant chimer."
by TheKidWithKnowledge December 06, 2010
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