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A Jew hating paranoid dipshits that thinks everything from the thickness of toilet paper to Donald Trump’s haircut is a Zionist conspiracy.
Person 1: Jacob Schiff provided $20 million in funds to Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) and his band of Jewish-Marxist radicals, and sent them on a ship to Russia to overthrow the Czar and install Russian Jewry as the rulers and owners of Russia under Communism! In Juri Lina's book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, Lina proves that Jacob Schiff is the one who ordered the kidnapping and murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family by a cabal of murderous Bolshevik Jew thugs.

Person 2: OK conspiramoron. But why are you still a virgin?
by Hardturm June 01, 2011
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