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Condom free youth(or sometimes called the the "condom free youth crew") is a brotherhood originated in western, new york(716 area code)that hates using condoms. Their main goal is to have unprotected sex with as many virgins as possible(although usually they are not virgins), all of which using the raw dogging method. The crew lives condom free, drug free, god free, and usually even sock free. They all take pride in the fact that their unprotected dogg was inside a girls vulnerable birth canal.

Durring the 1970's most of the condom free youth crew member's penises actually fell off. Most of the 70's to 80's era condom free youth crew founders were unfortunately victims to crack-cocaine and heroin abuse, so they didn't think much about what babes they selected to "get with". To prevent future"dogg rot" cases, it is now mandatory that you are straightedge/hardcore, or have at least one "X" tattoo.

It is extremely controversial as to who actually belongs to the "condom free youth crew", and the actual number is unknown. One must also take into consideration that just because you have been raw dogging a girl, that simply does NOT make you a "member" in the condom free youth crew. As of 2008, the ones who are the most "down" with their crew have been getting "condom free youth crew" tats. The most common spot for the tattoo is across their throat, the second most common spot is actually on their penis.
jerald-"hey dude, see that new trojan commercial?"
hussein-"condom free youth crew man, fuck condies.

ice cream shop dude-"who wants a frosty dick pop!?!?!"
innocent little kid-"YO, ARE YOU IN THE CFYC?"
by snaggletoothnigga November 27, 2009
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