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Derived from the German compound noun "Nahverkehrskoma" describing the state of the hangover guys you see in the commuter train on their way to work on Friday mornings: Blood shot eyes, stubble on their cheeks, bad breath and too much grease in their hair - but a tie around their neck (the unmistakable sign of being hanged for money every fucking day in the office, for which they have to compensate in the pub).
Boss: "I've heard there was another train failure on the DART line this morning."

Employee says: "I know, it's outrageous! It costs our economy millions every week!"

Employee thinks: Thank god I was in a commuter coma anyway, extending my sleep instead of making this fat bastard even richer.

Boss thinks: Is this slacker smelling of booze or what?
by Dietrich August 27, 2007
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