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A school where parents sacrifice all for their kid's education. The tuition is a lot. Of course for the price of the tuition we get one of the best education in the state. Not all of us are snotty rich kids. The kids who do have lots of money won't flash it in your face. Everyone isn't rich, most are middle class families who only want their kids to have a better education then they did. With a good education, you can get into a good college and be successful in life.
Learn the truth of Community School of Naples for yourselves not taking facts from someone else.
by TheTruthofCSN April 01, 2009
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the most pretentious school in the most pretentious town; the place where millionaires (or billionaires) send their kids so they can go to school with others "like them;" a school of trust fund babies who get a new European car every birthday; the land that G Ro pretends to rule that actually gives a surprisingly good education
That kid who took his new BMW to the airport where one of his jets was waiting to fly him to his yacht in the caribbean must go to the Community School of Naples.
by Trust Fund Baby/CSN Grad July 24, 2006
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