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A sudden die-off of the bee population in a hive or colony. Blamed on cell phone radiation. Abbreviated CCD.
Beekeepers where shocked and stunned, when they learned, that their once thriving hives, had been emptied due to an occurence of colony collapse disorder.
by Joe Rodolico April 25, 2007
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colony collapse disorder CALL o knee co LAPSE dis OR der n. the rapid loss of adult worker bees from the colony over a very short period of time, at a time in the season when we wouldn't expect a rapid die-off of workers: late fall and early spring
Rachel Carson: In my book Silent Spring I wrote about the impending disappearance of honeybees.
Global Agri-business: So what? We have many interests and investments.
Rachel Carson: It is nothing less than colony collapse disorder .
Global Agri-business: We cannot afford to care.
Rachel Carson: But honeybees are used to pollinate some of the tastiest parts of the American diet -like cherries, blueberries, apples, almonds, asparagus and macadamia nuts.
Global Agri-business: You are such a reactionary.

by Lil' Miss Sunshine April 22, 2007
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