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A period of time when desired outcomes rarely seem to occur. Constant disappointment.

This usually refers to (a)a lack of sex but can also be applied to any recurring disappointment, such as (b)a failure to get drugs, (c) a good artist consistently being lame, (d) gambling losses, etc.
(a) "Damn, that chick at the bar wouldn't put out. My cold streak continues. I haven't gotten laid in four months"

(b) "I think we need a new dealer because our guy has been on a cold streak. He hasn't had anything to sell in weeks."

(c) "I still think Ludacris is a good rapper; he has just been on a cold streak with his last few albums."

(d) "My poker cold streak has gone on for ten games. I'm down $500."
by NYCOAM April 26, 2008
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