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A hard ass nigga. Sells Coke in his trap house. Probably has a couple guns or niggas that carry guns. Cokeboys can be white too. Cokeboy names are: Steven, Aidan, Darrell, Josh, Tyrese, Wesley, Tyrone, Braiden, and Kyle.
Man that guy is def a cokeboy!

Yeah dude you see the stove he carries?
by Snaks December 13, 2015
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Coke Boy: a Coke Boy is not just some nickel and dime neighborhood drug dealer. A Coke Boy is some who gets money scamming, selling drugs, making profitable connects for him and his team. A Coke Boy travels alot of the time trying to come back home with at least 2grand before he hits the road again
I got lock up in Miami with my Coke Boys while on South Beach but my other Coke Boys in New York trying to get bail money for us.
by Chop456 February 13, 2017
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