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A bird in an internet cartoon who is angry for coins.
his beak is like metal. his beak is also magnetic and makes coins come to it. sometimes he fights ninjas and other things. if you take his coins he will kill you and take them back.
look up coin bird on google to see the videos.
coin bird's coming for your koins!!!
by FlamingGuts May 23, 2006
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The coinbird is a bird that likes coins, you need to know four things about him.

1. he likes coins
2. hes angree for coins
3. his beak is made of metal
4. he eatsmean kid's brains and steal their coins

Check for more details
1. Coinbird wants some coins
2. be a nice kid now or the coinbird will kill you.
by overlord June 06, 2003
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N. The last thing Frencho German ninjas see befor they die.
Oh shitzor that Coinbirds about to own me.
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
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COIN BIRD is anacronym for Counter Insurgence Aircraft such as the A-26, T-6, T-33 etc that was flown in SEA (South East Asia)in the 1960's thru 1970's. They were used to loiter over the battlefield and mark targets or provide intelligence on enemy movements or locations.
The WW II Medium bomber A-26 Invader saw continued service during the Viet Nam war as a COINBIRD working the Cambodian and Laotian borders.
by Larry Ludwig September 04, 2006
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