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A girl who is so ugly, she's painful to look at. We're talking the kind of girl that makes your face literally wince when you look at her. Looking at her scars you for life. And what's worse, she thinks she's the hottest thing since Adriana Lima. She hits on the guys. She flaunts her extreme muffin top. And if the guys are drunk enough, they just might hook up with her. This commonly results in contracting various STD's. It's Unforgiveable.

The most extreme form of a code red (see definition written by same author). This girl is the ugliest code red imaginable.
"Code death just showed up to the party. Time to leave."
"Aaron, get away from that code death!"
"Dude, did you see that code death? I wanted to barf!"
by LFM April 03, 2007
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