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A cold hearted woman who takes some form of gain from either sexual acts or the promise of sexual acts, and said gain causes an unreasonable amount of loss, pain or hardship to the person(s) supplying said gain.

For the woman to be a true cocktrapscikle, she must show either indifference or actual pleasure towards the suffering of the other party, more-so or equal to the actual gain she has made.

a cocktrapscikle can also be a pole or other metal item, which, when exposed to extreme cold temperatures creates a surface that, if a penis is applied to it, may cause said penis to freeze against it, and be unable to be freed without leaving behind a portion of said phallus.
Sue is bragging to everyone how she tricked Eric into selling her his car for 500 bucks because he thought she would give him a blowjob. I would avoid that one, she's a real cocktrapscikle!

Don't pee on that stop sign, Mike did that yeasterday and when he shook it off it became a cocktrapscikle!
by obiwanshinobistrikesback April 02, 2013
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