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A website that gives all you heartless people that don't believe Kurt Cobain was murdered by that cold heartless bitch Courtney Love, cold hard evidence and proof that he DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE!!! Seriously, I understand that some of you want to hold on to this image of Courtney Love being 'misunderstood', and I'm sure in certain ways, she is. But not for this. Listen to the audio clips, and there's your cold hard evidence.
go to, and find out the truth. For those of you who think you're justified in saying she's innocent, go to this website, and try to prove her innocence afer reading all this stuff, and listening to the clips. Even those who think he WAS murdered (which he was), back up your arguments by going to this site!!!RIP Kurt Cobain...
by Super L March 19, 2005
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