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The University of South Carolina. In over 100 years of playing college football, the University of South Carolina has had only one Head Coach that has gone on to be the Head Coach of another school.

Several coaches have won National Championships as Head Coaches of Division I schools prior to becoming the Head Coach at South Carolina. Not one left South Carolina with a winning record and none have gone on to coach elsewhere following their stint in Columbia.
W.H. "Dixie" Whaley, W.P. Murphy, William "Bill" Wertenbaker, I.O. Hunt, Byron W. "By" Dickson,
C.R. Williams, Christie Benet, Douglas McKay, John H. Neff, N.B. "Red" Edgerton, Rice Warren,
Dixon Foster, Frank M. Dobson, Sol S. Metzger, Branch Bocock, Harry Lightsey, W.L. "Billy" Laval,
Don McCallister, Rex Enright, Lt. James P. Moran, Williams "Doc" Newton, John D. McMillan,
Warren Giese, Marvin Bass, Paul Dietzel, Jim Carlen, Richard Bell, Joe Morrison, Brad Scott,
Lou Holtz, and now Steve Spurrier have all fallen victim to the "Coaches Graveyard."
by ResJudicocka June 21, 2008
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