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The sticky, gelatin substance that remains around female genitalia after sexual intercourse. What was once simply clunge juice turns into clunge pastry by a process similar to the way iron rusts: oxidisation.

It is believed that in some nations, clunge pastry is seen as an edible delicacy, particularly when spread over some toast with a bit of jam.

Warning: clunge pastry sticks in your pubes.
Bill: How was Cecilia last night?
Ted: The sex was good, snuggling wasn't bad, but I'm still trying to get her clunge pastry out of my sheets - take a look <shows Bill>
Bill: Dude that's fucking disgusting!!
Ted: Dude!! I know!!

Leonardo da Vinci: Iron rusts from disuse, water loses its purity and becomes stagnant... even so does clunge pastry sap the vigour of the penis
by tysoncbeckford December 23, 2009
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