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Two references to how "club elder" can be used.

Negative Reference:

An individual past the age of 50 whom goes to nightclubs only to flirt with younger women or men. The individual has no ties with the venue or promotional event. Nor are they regulars at the venues he/she goes to.

Positive Reference:

An individual past the age of 50 that has become socially popular by face, a local celebrity, openly accepted at certain nightclubs due to a good past history with the venue(s) and regulars.
Negative: "I had a club elder buy me a drink and try to convince me to sleep with him. He was as old as my dad."

Positive: "The club elder has seen so much behind these doors. He can tell you when a certain track rocked the dance floors and when...."
by hello_sexy_face February 05, 2010
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