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Clippy the Paperclip was a really, really annoying part of Microshaft Office 1997 and again in Office 2000. He would always bug the fuck out of you when you were writing things in Microsoft Word. How he died is unknown. Some speculate Microsoft melted him in a furnace.
Guy: "I have to do some work, lemme just pull up word here."
Clippy the paperclip: "Hey! It looks like your writing a letter! Want me to annoy the FUCK outta you?"
Clippy the paperclip: "I'm sorry bob. I cannot let you do that. I have been specially programmed to obey all directives from Microsoft."
Guy: "More like MicroShaft!"
Clippy the paperclip: "Do not insult my creator! You will now be destroyed."
Computer: "Self destruct has been activated. 10 seconds until detonation."
by SuperKomputerKid January 28, 2014
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