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when you take a huge shit and go to wipe but then a sense of purpose, accomplishment and confidence strikes you that is so powerful that you refrain from tearing even one measley safety square of paper because you know, you just know that the shit came out so perfectly and that your rectum dispensed with that happy turd so well that there is absolutely no need to wipe at all. You just put your thumbs up and let out an "aaaayyyyy", like Fonzi would, because you are so impressed with yourself and everyone else should be too. Because who else could do something that great besides you, and Fonzi, of course.
Ok ok, I understand you want me to eat your asshole out. But I've gotta tell you that unless you have one great clean slate Fonzarelli I'm not doin it. That hole of yours better be spic and span or I'm not eatin it.
by motoboat September 23, 2010
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