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a highend airsoft company that specializes in full metal guns with pre-upgraded internals. they are the main competitor to tokyo marui and made a name for themselves with their M15A4 and MP5 series's and now make several lines of high quality airsoft replicas including G36s, M249 SAWs, AK-74s, and Steyr AUGs among others, and as of April of 2007, they are the only highend airsoft company to make a FN SCAR replica. they also make high quality full metal airsoft accessories including, but not limited too: several high quality M203 units of several colors and designs. most classic army AEGs (automatic electric gun) shoot between 280 and 350 fps (feet per second) out of the box.
my classic army AUG A1 owns all my friends when we play airsoft.
by krazzy kevin April 02, 2007
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Classic Army(CA), is a Hong Kong based airsoft manufacturer, known for their full metal airsoft weapons. Classic Army is relatively new to the airsoft scene, when compared to manufacturers like Tokyo Marui and I Chi Shivan. Early models were plagued with reliability issues, and lemon rates were very high.

Classic Army improved their QC, and by early 2007 had some of the best AEGs on the market for under 400$. This status was short lived though. Starting around April, CA's QC declined, and lemon rates are high again. CA has lowered prices, but it seems that the more they lower their prices, the more their QC declines.

As an owner of a CA, im sad to see this, but it doesn't really matter to me, because im buying Taiwanese replicas from now on(G&G, ICS, KWA).

CA's guns retail between 250-400 US$
Classic Army used to be great, but now since they have had a decline in QC, im going to be buying from G&G, ICS and KWA from now on.
by OvermedicateD December 16, 2007
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