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One of the ways to rate fanfictions. The citrus scale goes: orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit. Though some people add other fruit in, it is mainly just those four.
Orange: Sort of the equivalent of PG-13. Doesn't really get beyond kissing
Lime: less explicit than a lemon, but still has sexual content. Characters do not have sex in a lime, but it is pretty close.
Lemon: Probably the one you will hear of the most. The characters in a lemon have s-e-x
Grapefruit: This one has two definitions. One is a really weird lemon or lime. The other is non-consensual sex. The second definition can be written as g-rape-fruit sometimes.
Pie1: hey, what is that story pie3 is writing on the citrus scale?
Pie2: errr...lime
Pie2: you're weird....
by icecreamistasty February 22, 2015
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