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chuck norris is a texanic goatfucking foreskinamputated bigoted bruce lee imitator and wanna be ninja, he kills people with his cock and scares animals with his pubic hair, his fav food is bear shit and he likes fish sperm to drink, some people think he is idiot but he is only a hilly billy idiot with a fake gun so he can pretend to be a ranger, while rangering he fucks cows and rapes pigs,he was married to 60 chimps in his life and bigfoots r his offspring, he built little boy bomb with 12 kt and after all ppl died in hiroshima he ate them all and became godzilla and started to kill people by raping them, he now is is an allah that is worshipped by arabs and he invented pig languages like arabic

chuck norris was killed on 25th of dec 2012 by obama bin laden
loser: chuck norris can suck my cock
chuck norris: kills him
loser 2:he killed loser 1!
chuck norris:the only definition is my dick bitches
by chuck norris is a pussy May 18, 2010
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