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Christian Wico is an amazing guy. He is very funny, nice, intelligent, handsome, and with a great big heart. Christian is the a guy that every girl wishes to have. And if you have a Christian in your life you are a very lucky person. Christian is AMAZINGLY AWSOME!!! He loves to draw!!! Christian is very cute and adorable but manly. When you get to meet Christian Wico you will fall in love with him. Christian Wico is the definition of fun, funny, handsome, badass, and loveable. Funny, love, him, understandable, respectful courageous, intelligent.
Girl 1: omg!! I just met christian Wico and he is very funny, and very handsome.

Girl 2:Forreals??

Girl 1: yes!!! He is amazing
by kim858585 December 20, 2013
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