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The act of defecation.
*It is not reflective of the consistency or content of the feces, nor of the ease or difficulty of the passing.
*It is not a reference to confection abuse.
-Origins traced to yurt-dwelling Beverly Hills rednecks.
"Where's Susie? Oh I think she's CHOKING CHOCOLATE..."

Placing "SOME" in between "CHOKE" and "CHOCOLATE" is acceptable for both present and past tense usage.

"Susie WENT to choke SOME chocolate."

The past tense is always determined by altering another verb in the sentence rather than changing "CHOKE" to "CHOKED", as "CHOKED" is considered vulgar.
"CHOKING" is acceptable.
ie- "Susie WAS chokING chocolate."

"I WILL choke..."
"I INTEND to choke..."
"I shall have been choking..."

Again, the phrase is modified in the sentence structure itself.
"Choking chocolate WILL be the best and last thing I do all day."
by thacaretaker October 04, 2010
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