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1. a black man who has mastered the art of cowboying.

2. a homosexual, typically a white one, who likes black red neck like men exclusively.

3. a black homosexual cowboy i.e. chocolate chocolate cowboy.
ex.1: Tajuante jr. is just as dark and cowboyish like his daddy. he really has grown up to be a real chocolate cowboy!

ex.2: did you see steven at the gay rodeo last night with that black dude? talk about a chocolate cowboy lover. he never gets sick of that chocolate stick!

ex.3: friend 1: oh my god! are those guys black cowboys? i didn't know cowboys came in that color? are they kissing?!? i didn't know cowboys could be THAT gay!!! i don't know if that's a chocolate chocolate cowboy connection or black on black crime

friend 2: do you know anything?

friend 1: i know those cowboys are finding each other chocolaty delicious!
by negro jones strikes again November 12, 2008
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