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A Mexican rapper reppin' the Southside of Houston. Funny ass lyrics and worth listening to. He's got a flashy style and stays true to his roots.
Chingo Bling’s chining jus chunk a la deuce...
Chingo Bling Lyrics

"Stretch marks with a lil cocoa butter
I ain’t trippin
I support SINGLE MOTHERS!!!"

"And she’ll even shave
Unless you order with the brown lettuce
They line up on the wall and ask you… Te quieres?"

"I see you putos at the club
Like every single weekend
I was the one yelling out
Pork, beef, or chicken!!!"
by SoOldSchool March 17, 2006
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a Mexican rapper who reps Houston and works with Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Stunta aka The Tex-Mex Thugga. he also goes by the name The Ghetto Vaquero. he puts the Nike swoosh on his ostrich boots and also sales tamales out the trunk of his car that is why they call him the Tamale Kingpin
Did u see Chingo Bling
Yea he opened his mouth and i was blind
by nic salgado January 08, 2006
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when a male or female insert their fists into another persons anus while yelling ching o bling!! pants or no pants. usually a prank
ching o bling fisting
by guitar king April 05, 2009
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