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another mad word by the british.
how exceptionally mad, they are.
ah well, c'est la vie.

1./cold. chilly. i.e. "chilly" bananas
2./Personally I use this definition more often. chilly bananas can mean "weird" or "bizarre" see, now that was better wasn't it?
1./I had to go and get my sweater because it was so chilly bananas outside.
2./He acted so chilly bananas today when he was babbling to that pudding cup.
by Desiree, uhduh. August 17, 2006
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This procedure involves putting any variety of penis shaped fruit / vegetable in the fridge until chilled, and then inserting it into your partners vagina pussy / ass balloon knot as you would a dildo or some such device.
Shut up or I'll give you the chilly banana .

Dude, your mom loves getting the chilly banana, and, for that matter, so does your dad.
by chubby_porksalot April 26, 2010
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