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This only works for CHILLI CHEESE FRITOS. First, put your hand in the bag of chilli cheese fritos and rub the fritos in the bag with your fingers hard for 10 seconds. Quickly pull hand out of bag and sniff fingers (put nose VERY CLOSE to fingers). Now, if you have fingered a girl before and smelled your finger after, compare smells... what do they smell like you say? THEY'RE the SAME THING. Chilli cheese fritos are made primarily from vaginal eggs based on stem cell research. One egg is split to make 2, 2 makes 4, 4 makes 8, 8 makes 16, etc. Now do this a several hundred times and there you go, you have enough to fill millions of bags with your brand new tasty (not really) ingredient for the consumers' fritos. I hope you haven't eaten them before whoever is reading this, b/c the egg they produced the fritos came from a 350 pd. black lady who had her period the very week she donated her eggs. :-(

Seriously though, compare smells and you will be amazed...
"Dude, these CHILLI CHEESE fritos taste raunchy, I think I'm gonna puke."

"Dude that's cuz your eatin' a bag a vagina... a dirty old fat ladies vagina who basically had her period in that very bag yer holdin'."
by MxPx_Fan November 08, 2005
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